Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Update

Anyone in my family will tell you once Halloween passes I get holiday fever. I love the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas and enjoy the various celebrations that surround them. I used to HATE taking classes in college in the fall because I knew once November hit that all my focus was gone. I always did better in the spring semester.

The craft sale season is kicking into full gear and this year I am eying it more with a sense of research and not just consumer interest. My husband is convinced I should think about doing some craft sales next year. I still am on the fence. However, I had the chance to visit with some of my favorite vendors this year. One of them very kindly shared her favorite craft site to buy eyes for my amigurumi and I truly appreciated her generous advice. I have more to visit in the next few weeks.

As for my Thanksgiving projects, I finished two Barbie dresses and now have one more to do. It seems the list keeps growing. Ken's outfit needs sleeves, a collar, and snaps. I have sleeves, a collar, apron, and cap to do for an American Girl pattern and then one more complete outfit to do. Then yes, poor Mrs. Pilgrim Bear and another Pilgrim need heads.

I decided on a schedule. Today I will finish Ken and the first American Girl Doll outfit, as those need to be mailed this week. Tomorrow I will have to finish Mrs. Pilgrim Bear and the other Pilgrim and Pilgrim Weeble as those too have to be mailed this week. Then I will move on to the items that are not being given until Thanksgiving Day. I am hoping with a schedule I can stop worrying and start finishing items.

I do have pictures to post of the first two finished Barbie’s. I hope to have those posted along with anything I finish today in the next week's postings.

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