Monday, November 22, 2010

Crochet Pilgrim Weeble

This was actually one of the first projects I started and then abandoned to work on some other things. She is likely to be one of the only Thanksgiving projects I end up having done for my own house, as she did not make the cut for the trip across country. I may finish her husband on Thanksgiving Day. I like having something to keep my hands busy and a holiday Amigurumi could be fun.

This project was actually not called a Weeble, but a Pilgrim Pal and can be found in The American School of Needlework's Crochet & Knit Favorites of Rita Weiss, 1023 Volume 2, 1983. It is actually a cute book with patterns for each month of the year. While I am interested in some of the other patterns, I did buy it for the Pilgrim Weebles.

The interesting thing about working with patterns is how you learn to adapt them. The bonnet for this girl is actually folded in half. I am going to experiment with the pattern because I think it would make a great American Girl Doll bonnet and be better than the first one I made for the Pilgrim outfit.

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