Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ken and Barbie Pilgrims Crochet

Before I shipped the outfits out last week, I wanted a shot of the couple together. I had made and taken pictures of the outfits at different times and the dolls were never dressed at the same time to take a group photograph. Therefore, before the clothes were packed I wanted a shot.

Someone commented on a Yahoo group that I belong to that she believed Barbie clothes should only be made in thread after seeing my blog. She was upset that many of the patterns I had found were not thread patterns. I do love the look of thread on the dolls. However, I have yet to master the ability to crochet with thread. I am extremely grateful to the people who have very generously taken the time to create patterns that do use alternate yarn for those of us who are not competent with thread. Given a choice of no clothes for dolls or bulky heavier weight clothes made from baby or sport weight yarn, I can assure her that kids would prefer to have doll clothes. Thankfully, my efforts are improving.

I say this kindly to all people who come here for the free pattern links. Be grateful to the artists who share their work with us. If you do not find something of use, so be it. When someone donates his or her work to use at no cost to us, it is a gift. Nobody forces you to take it. I for one am very grateful that the many doll, toy, and house patterns have allowed me to provide gifts to friends, family, and charities. I buy many new and vintage patterns, but some of the most wonderful patterns have been those shared by generous people who freely donate their work online. It has allowed me to stretch my money to do more.

Barbie and American Girl Doll Free Patterns are listed on my blog at these locations:

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Aunt Chele said...

U can use crochet thread with any small crochet pattern im going to make the pilgrim ken out of crochet thread im making it into a firemans hat i truly appreciate the free patterns theyve allowed me to improve my crocheting an allowed me to make things to sell an make as gifts as well

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