Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall is Moving Fast

I truly cannot believe Halloween is over. It seems like I have been working on Halloween projects forever and poof the night flew by so quickly. Of course, I was working on projects at the time, but still it seemed so fast. I have so many new Halloween projects to start after the Easter projects are finished.

While one of our Shelties, Bailey, loves the excitement, our newest, Katy is terrified by all these people coming to the house and retreated to her crate for comfort until the invasion was over.

I should have some new project pictures up this week. I have a few loom projects completed for the American Girl Doll. I also have a new crochet American girl project I finished to put up on the blog this week. I am excited about the Loom items. I am terrible with knitting needles in my hands, but it was so exciting to see hats and now a scarf come off the loom for my Christmas box of gifts going off with a Springfield doll this Christmas. One of my early hats was too small but it inspired me to work on a new Hello Kitty winter ami so hopefully that will be around soon as well.

I am looking forward to writing about the crochet project as it is one I think I will be making a few copies of to share. I have been busy with online shopping as well. Annie's Attic and JoAnn's have both had been having sales lately. I got my Loom supplies through JoAnn's and many new patterns to try out from Annie's. This morning I ordered more Caron by the Pound yarn from JoAnn's. I have trouble getting much in the way of color selection to purchase locally. Therefore, I decided just to order a selection of colors while it was on sale online. When it goes on sale locally by the time I get to the sale what few colors they do normally carry are usually already gone. I only recently started using it, but it is softer than the Red Heart and with the number of ami's I make, the larger portions are handy.

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