Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Barbie Pilgrim with Free Pattern

I finally decided to get over my fear of elastic and try this pattern that can be found here. This pattern was discovered during my research for free Barbie patterns. Her site is a treasure trove of period and other crochet Barbie patterns. I listed many of them on my Barbie/Fashion Doll pages.

The elastic was not nearly as intimidating as I feared and I liked the fact it finally closed the back gap I have been struggling with when making my Barbie clothes with sports yarn. The dress pattern was easy to follow, but I found myself adjusting the cap to make it fit on Barbie's head. It could be my ability to follow directions and not the pattern.

I learn more from each one of these projects. As I mentioned in an earlier blog I have several of these outfits to make before Thanksgiving. I went back and made the Shady Lane Pilgrim dress and used my new found ability with elastic to make the pattern easier for me to work with and I will be writing about that in another blog.

Ken's Pilgrim outfit is finally finished and I will be posting his picture, the Shady Lane Barbie Pilgrim picture, and the American Girl Doll Pilgrim picture this week as I finally have the pictures on my computer.

I have one more Shady Lane dress to make before the holiday and then Barbie is done with the Pilgrim scenario for this year. Mrs. Pilgrim just needs her arms and she will be finished. I have a couple of other small projects that need to be completed for shipping by tomorrow. Then it is on to Christmas fashions and other holiday projects.

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