Monday, November 8, 2010

American Girl Knitted Evening Gown

I am continuing to display Mom's work. I am very proud of the items she has completed. She is not only is sending them out to grandkids, giving them to the neighbor's kids, but also donating them to charities as well. She was actually SURPRISED that all her outfits sold at a craft sale to raise money for Veteran’s groups. I cannot convince her how amazed I am each time I receive a box of items to give to my niece on my husband's side. She ships all the stuff to my side directly. I do wish she had this interest when I was a kid.

For those who want to know where to find the pattern, this is from Fun-to-Knit Doll Clothes. When I saw the yarn she used to make this, I was so impressed. I cannot imagine the day when I will be comfortable working with this material.

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