Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

I got my Halloween decorations up last night including the crochet ones I made for the house. I already have a list of new Halloween projects for next year as I continue to dive into my Thanksgiving and Christmas pile.

I found Kelly, Stacie, and Skipper dolls online at KMart yesterday without all the accessories so Mom and I can have model dolls to make clothes with for our various projects. I bought a set with Kelly and Stacie in it having no idea how hard it would be to find a single Kelly doll to use as a model. I have not been hitting the yard sale circuit as much lately or I might have found one. I wanted to try making some clothes to send with the Barbie set I got for Christmas. Waiting was not an option. Skipper does not seem to be released often so I figured getting her alone now was essential. If she is released later in a set, at least Mom and I have a model to work from and I have something put aside for Easter or a birthday.

I have one Barbie Pilgrim dress that needs arms, an apron, snaps, and a cap and the battle will be done. I think I will try sock yarn for the next one. Even the right sports yarn appears to be too thick, although it still is cute.

The first Pilgrim Boy Bear is completed now that I put his buckles on. I hope to have pictures of him and the Pilgrim Girl posted next week. It all depends how crazy things get this weekend. The girl pattern is much more detailed in the outfit, but I have the head and arms to complete and she too will be done.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.

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