Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cow The Farms are Finished

I feel there should be horns sounding and people cheering, but there is just this post. Both basic farms are finished. I still have a silo to assemble and if time perhaps another silo bag to make, but I am done with the farms for the year. Perhaps another next year, but I can move on to other projects. I have a wooly mammoth to complete and I am on the fence about the pterodactyl. I am not sure if I will be making a second one and then that second set will be complete.

I used different yarn and a smaller hook on this cow so that may have been the issue. It could also have been my attitude. I wanted to work on Hello Kitty Pilgrim and the Pilgrim Bears that I have since started. Whatever the reason, this cow was far more stubborn than the first and it while the main body parts were fine, the detailed finishing pieces were not cooperating. It was determined to have my full attention.

I will be handing this guy off with a few dinosaurs to head to New Hampshire for birthday and Christmas presents. I heard rumors the T-Rex escaped early and has already claimed bedroom space.

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