Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's Crochet Round Up

I cannot believe how fast this fall season is moving. Monday we will be off to King Richard's Faire for our annual visit. That is always the mark for me that the Fall Season is moving towards the holiday rush. I hope to get our Halloween decorations out of the attic this weekend so we can enjoy them.

Trading off on my crochet projects is proving to work out as I planned. I finished the second farm horse I needed yesterday and began work on the triceratops. He needs legs, horns, and a tail. Then he too can join the finished pile. If I can get photographs taken before Monday, I can pass them on to my Aunt for their eventual trip to New Hampshire. Once I have pictures I can start posting them again.

Once the triceratops is completed, I need to finish the goose and the cow for the farm and have several more dinosaurs to finish the set.

I am thinking about experimenting with the Halloween characters to make some Pilgrims for Thanksgiving. As I mentioned in my previous post my first attempts were not successful. However, I was pondering how to combine the patterns to create little Pilgrims that would be a good size and something I have had success creating. The real issue will be creating the clothing as the Halloween characters had very simple outfits. However, half the fun is experimenting. If I have success, you can expect to see the results here.

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