Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello Kitty Pilgrim

The Hello Kitty Witch was a big hit so it was only logical that I would need to try to make a Hello Kitty Pilgrim. The Witch had an advantage, a free pattern. I have yet to find a Hello Kitty Pilgrim pattern and for those hoping this will enlighten you I am sorry, this is likely a one of a kind attempt on my part. I will explain how it happened and someone else may actually be able to come up with a saner path to create it.

I used Armina Ami-Nal's Hello Kitty Witch Patternfor the basic Hello Kitty pattern. I have found her patterns to be easy to follow and like the results. That gave me the Kitty Pilgrim grey body and white head. I used the Barbie Pilgrim pattern from Shady Lane's Timeless Fashion Doll Wardrobe, Vol. 1, #495 to create a basis for the cape and apron. I chose grey for the cape and hood because white on white does not look great. The original Barbie pattern has a white apron and a white cape. Obviously, Barbie and Hello Kitty do not share the same body shape. However, I was able to use the same basic idea to create an apron and a cape that covered her head. The Witch pattern has a cape but no hood, so I needed a different model.

As I continued with my project, I realized my cape hood was more like a shawl used as a hood than a traditional bonnet covering, but with the width of Hello Kitty's head, it worked for my purposes. I was pleased with this project.

On another note as someone who is not does not enjoy the sewing and lacks the fine detail skills I was thrilled to discover Suncatchers makes Hello Kitty yellow safety noses. I have not yet ordered any, but these are on my list to get as I continue to work on the Hello Kitty projects.

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