Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Triceratops Revisited

I have stayed focused on completing my projects. The dinosaurs are coming along and I have only the final additions on the last of my farm animals to complete. Then I have to move to Thanksgiving projects before the holiday gets away from me. I ordered some sock and sport yarn to experiment with the Barbie Pilgrim dress and some other holiday projects.

I love this set of dinosaurs. The pattern is called Dinosaurs and available from Gourmet Crochet. The only pattern I really have not mastered is the pterodactyl. At some point, I need to figure out how to attach the wings to the figure according to the pattern. Other than that, the other amigurumi directions have been easy to follow.

This guy has already been passed on for his trip to his future owner. I hope he enjoys many hours of adventures.

This is a set I suspect I will be visiting again.

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