Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brontosaurus the Dinosaur Project Continues

I was so pleased with the second brontosaurus. I liked the color and using a smaller hook and better sewing techniques this guy actually stands up better, too. I was thrilled when I saw him coming together at how much better he looked than the first one I made. Looking at the sewing improvements, I think I can actually fix the legs on the first one to improve his ability to stand up.

My skills have come a long way since I started working on these projects and this guy reminds me to stop always criticizing what I cannot do and be happy with what I have learned to do better.

My Thanksgiving projects are continuing. After finishing the Hello Kitty project, I think I discovered a way to rescue a Pilgrim Weeble like woman that I almost abandoned in frustration because I could not get the pattern to work. After learning a few tricks from pulling out Hello Kitty's outfit a few times, I think I can now make the Weeble like Pilgrim lady work and even perhaps create a Mr. Pilgrim to be her companion for the holidays. An old Annie's Attic pattern is providing me with the chance to create a pair of Pilgrim bears. When those are completed, I will post those pictures as well.

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