Thursday, October 7, 2010

Projects Moving Along

I started the Barn Silo free pattern from Bizzy Crochet and it is almost done. This is going to be a cute addition to the barn bag pictured above. I found after completing the castle that the trick in doing these bags is working the projects in stages and adapting the pieces to my purposes. I am going to use the plastic canvas siding that was in the castle to prop up the farm bag as I think it could use the additional support. I do not see it listed on the pattern, but it seems like a good choice.

I just packed up the two packages that have to be mailed for Halloween and those are off to the post office today. I was happy, but the piano looks sadly empty without all the Halloween creatures covering it. I also gave my Aunt some of the birthday and Christmas items headed to New Hampshire so that also decreased the pile. However, with the holidays coming and my love of decorating it was necessary. It also inspired me to get to work on finishing those holiday projects. Last night I completed most of the horse that needs to head to New Hampshire with that farm. Then I will switch off to the dinosaurs. I am hoping to have the full set of dinosaurs and farm animals done by the end of the month.

Then of course comes Thanksgiving. I started on Pilgrim lady, but she didn't come out as expected. I will have to try again. I also have some holiday themed dishcloths to make. I want to make some for myself and at least one to ship. I have two Barbie Pilgrim outfits to make as well. The plate is full, but I am enjoying it. I am glad I took on the challenge of learning even if knitting has not worked out as well as I hoped.

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