Thursday, October 14, 2010

Castle Crochet

I have been talking about this project forever and I finally have the pictures ready to post. This is the pattern I had discussed earlier from Bizzy Crochet.

I am already thinking about the mistakes I made with the goal of improving the next one I make. I have the farm bag ready to assemble and I learned a great deal from that project that should make the next castle an even better project. The door is better formed on the farm and I will fix that on the next castle. I was proud of myself for figuring out how to put on the door. I assembled it incorrectly the first time and looking at it managed to determine how it was supposed to go on and fixed it.

Unlike the original pattern, I chose not to sew the top on all the way, so the child could actually get into the inside of the castle from the top. I sewed the top half way on and left the other side open. I wanted a picture with all the finger puppets on the castle, but in my rush to get the pictures done, I almost took down the castle.

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