Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Lots to Love 10 Inch Baby Doll Bathing Suit

The Lots to Love 10 inch Baby Doll now has its bathing suit for the 2024 donation.

I had thought about making the towel like I did last year but for a variety of reasons this outfi took longer than I'd expected and when I was finished with the suit and accessories I just mentally had moved on to another pattern and didn't have the interest in making the additional beach blanket. Another year perhaps.

One challenge for this outfit is I had a bit of a game of yarn chicken with the Thread Art size three Aqua thread. There was a time in my life where I could go years and never finish off a cyclindar of thread, now I'm actually running out. The bathing suit, shoes, and visor were fine but I lost the game making the cover. I placed a replacement order before I started this project but there was no chance it was going to arrive so I fiddled and finished it with Lizbeth size 3 Wildflower which was my contrast color for the bathing suit.

This is a huge pattern set availabe for purchase from charpatterns here.

There are directions for the Lots to Love 10 inch Baby Doll and the slightly smaller 9.5 inch Baby Steps dolls for two types of bathing suits with directions for each doll, a beach blanket, and a beach bag.


Bathing Suit:

This was made with Thread Art size 3 Aqua crochet thread and Lizbeth size 3 Wildflower. I used the suggested size f for the swimsuit and it fit better than the e from the previous time I'd made it.


Followed pattern as written using f hook.


I needed an e hook for the sandals as the f shoes were huge.


I used an f hook for the coverup. I had to start using contrast color in row 8 as I ran out of aqua.

Note to self finish trim directions before doing ties and neck edge.

Cap Sleeve:

I sc around sleeve to finish and then alternated sc and shell. I liked the look.

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