Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Glitter Girl Hannah Carrot

I've been trying to rotate through the dolls to make sure they all are dressed before November. The Glitter Girl Doll still had no clothes so it was time to put something in her donation bag.

This pattern is available for purchase here. This can be an Easter or Spring gardening set depedning on your interests. I plan on making a second set using the pants as a skirt as I found the pattern worked up well and I wanted to increase the number of outfits going out with the Glitter Girl this year.


I always ending up changing my hook size for this designer so for all items except the pants I used a G hook.

I went with an I for the pants.

Since I intend to use this pattern for future pants items I'm actually planning to go back to the g hook and just increasing the original waist chain and then splitting evenly for the legs as I found the original waist line too small for this doll while the other items fit perfectly with my normal adjustment for hook size. While the I hook worked the pants "look" baggy. I will note the chain lenghth on a future post when I figure it out. I also plan on using this as a skirt set.

This was a great scrap project. Much of this was yarn left over from a baby blanket kit. The pink was part of a yarn ball bag I've been keeping to finish off left over yarn before starting on new skeins.

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