Thursday, March 16, 2023

Our Generation Boy Sleeping Bag

I came across Red Heart Super Saver's Latte Stripes while wandering the yarn aisles. As I'd already begun the sleeping bag project it seemed like it would stripe nicely into another one and I picked up a jumbo skein as I have it in mind to try for sweaters as well.

This is a free pattern designed for the American Girl doll that you can find here. This leaves me with just the two My Life 18 inch dolls to outfit with sleeping bags and this challenge will be met for the 2023 doll donation. All the dolls will be leaving with either a sleeping bag or a snuggle sack for the baby dolls.

The bathing suit challenge is coming along more slowly but I'm making progress as I can't use the same pattern for as many of the dolls I do need to have more specific patterns that will fit the range of dolls in the donation.

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