Friday, March 31, 2023

My Life Sleeping Bag

As I type this I'm reminded of those childhood songs we sung in the car to pass the time where you count down how many more things are left. Well I have only one more sleeping bag after this one and all the dolls leaving for the 2023 donation will either have a sleeping bag or a baby doll snuggle sack leaving with them. A new item for this year but it feels like a great new addition to add some fun imaginative play to the donation.

This actually proved to be my new travel project. It used to be doll blankets but with COVID I wasn't doing much traveling and I focused my home time to making clothes and accessories for the donation and toys for the family boxes I sent out. However, I find myself needing projects when I'm out at appointments now and these little bags have provent to be a great travel project as they travel well and are easy to pick up and stop without a huge issue. I only need to check as I get to the end to make sure the doll fits so row counts aren't really an issue once the pillow is made. It makes for a great travel project.

For those of you interested this is a free pattern available here. It is a nice accessory pattern if you need a gift for an 18" doll fan.

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Jayne said...

I love the colours in this, so pretty.
Hope you've had a lovely weekend! :)

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