Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Glitter Girl Hannah Revised

Having made Adoring Doll's Hannah Carrot pattern for the Glitter Girl Doll, you can find the pattern here, I realized I could adapt the pants to a skirt and have another outfit for the donation.


I promised myself I'd make a note of the starting chain when I played with this pattern with a g hook for the bottoms. I started with 30 chains and I followed the original pants plan until the pants split for the crotch. At this point I started adding increases with hdc 4 increase then hdc 5 increase. When I had the width I wanted for the skirt I made rows until I had the length I wanted for the skirt.

The shirt, hat, and boots are from the original pattern. I chose not to add the carrot as I wanted this to be a separate outfit. Hopefully these pieces will mix and match with other items I make as I proceed with the donation.

This was another great stash busting project. I'm enjoying finding ways to use up left over yarn balls and bobbins from previous projects.

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