Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Our Generation Cinderella

Now that I have multiple princess and other costume patterns written by different designers I'm trying to make sure the Our Generation doll gets a few for the donation. In the past I've tended to make these outfits primarily for the My Life dolls but this year I've been focused on trying to make things a bit more even so with multiple versions of some themes its easier to make more than one Cinderella.

This is Adoring Doll's version of Cinderella which you can purchase here.

One of my goals in making outfits for kids is making them as easy to get on and off as possible. This can be challenging when you have doll arms that aren't flexible so I try to add a little room when possible at the top withot making the top too large that it gaps open. It's always an interesting balance as I'm finding especially with the Barbie dolls this year.


Every year my guage is slightly different. I hadn't made this outfit for the Our Generation doll before but I started with an I hook which is what I normally do with Adoring Doll's patterns and after reaching the arm hole stage realized it was going to be a really tight squeeze getting the outfit on and off. I eventually worked my way up to a K hook to get the dress to be more easily worn. These are just my notes as I do return back to these posts when I make outfits for later donations. Each person's experience may differ.

To add the overdress I changed row 9. I crocheted in the back loops for this round to leave the front loops available to begin the overskirt.

I used a snap at the back rather than buttons.

This pattern does have a shoe pattern but for some reason I missed it when I was planning this project and pulled Sweet Silver Creation's School Girl Uniform pattern and used those shoes. I generally use two of her shoe patterns when the outfit doesn't have shoes. One has a strap, this one doesn't. I'd use the Cinderella shoes next time. Just a note for reference, I need an F hook to get the school uniform shoes to fit the Our Generation Doll.

With the larger hook I should have reduced the skirt rows. It is a little long for this doll. I note this again as a reminder for my next attempt. The hair band which had been an issue with the My Life doll fit easily with the K hook for the Our Generation doll. The collar was also made with a K hook and instead of a button to join I used a snap.

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