Friday, February 23, 2024

Our Generation Boy Sleeping Bag

This was my travel project through most of January for various appointments and I finally finished it during the Super Bowl sewing in the ends during the final moments of over time.

Since I'm preposting this I'm sure I'll have another one started and in my travel bag for upcoming appointments. It's a great waiting project as it engages and distracts the mind a little more than a simple repitition of one single stitch over and over but no so complicated that I find myself pulling out rows when I get home because despite the stitch count being correct, the item still isn't right.

Last year I used Latte Stripes for the boy doll's sleeping bag. This year for something different I went with Red Heart Jumbo Stripes Sutherland Stripe. I like both choices and would use either again for this project.

This is a free pattern you can find here.


I use a K hook for the 18 inch dolls.

I don't count rows once the pillow is finished and the basic pattern established for the sleeping bag. I measure it against the doll. I believe this is around rows 23-24 which begin to repeat to end at that point.

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Just love it! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

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