Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Rag Doll Dress for February

I'm learning to document more as I work on these projects because sometimes I figure out a solution some time during the process and think this will work better next time only to discover I'm in the same pickle because I never documented the solution.

This is a free Dora the Explorer pattern that I've adapted for use with both the Rag doll and the 16 inch baby doll. You can find it here.


I use a K hook for the first 7 rows joining at the end of row 7.

For the skirt I switch to an I hook to the end of the dress.

In Row 1 to make the arms fit both dolls I need to chain 8.

However this creates and issue with the skirt so in the following row I need to evenly reduce by 8 stitches the number of additional chains added in the previous row prior to starting the pattern that will eventually establish the skirt.

Use a stitch marker to mark the decreases and increases. They are just easy to lose.

Don't skip the directions for finishing the top and the arms.

I used a snap for the back after finishing the edges.

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