Monday, February 26, 2024

Skipper Red Riding Hood

I've always been a huge fan of traditional tales and I love adding doll clothes or amis when I make them to connect books with toys for kids. I have some outfits for the larger dolls but until recently I had nothing easy to make for the Barbie fashion doll family. I have some older patterns but they are more complicated and while I do want to conquer them someday, this year is devoted to finishing items and getting them into the doll bags.

I found a series of traditional tale patterns on Ravelry designed by Mel Garcia Tello. You can purchase Red Riding Hood here.

This pattern is designed for Barbie but the suggested yarn is not one I can find. Therefore I decided to experiment with Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet 3 Thread in Scarlet,White,and Blue Hawaii.


I used the suggested 2.5mm hook for the dress. The pattern creates the dress in solid red to match the cape. I decided I wanted a more traditional peasant dress look and went with a white top, changing to blue for the skirt portion of the dress. The dress fit Barbie but it was snug getting it on and off so I decided to see if it was a better fit for Skipper, thus making this Skipper's outfit.

I plan on trying the peasant dress with a larger hook for Barbie at another time. I also think this dress would work for Skipper without the fairy tale theme. She can always use some dresses. Especially ones that are easy to work up.

The cape is made with a 3.5mm hook and again I think this was small for Barbie while a good fit for Skipper. One change I would make is I'd likely not slip stitch the ties for her cape. While it protects the ties making them stronger it makes it too bulky to really tie the cape well.

I think I would try an f hook for the cape when I make it for Barbie to adjust to the change in fibers. I plan to stick with the Crochet thread for the project. I think the cotton is a better choice than other fibers for this project.

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