Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Glitter Girl Easter Morning Dress

I added the Glitter Girl doll to the donation as a smaller alternative to the bigger 18 inch dolls. Not everyone has space for a larger doll but it gives a similiar experience to the larger dolls with a more compact storage potential. I looked at the Glitter Girl as an alternative to the American Girl Wellie Wisher as it was at a price point that made sense for my donation project budget. I can find the dolls both locally and online and often get them on sale which makes adding them to the donation easier.

As with the off brand 18 inch dolls you rarely find patterns designed for the off brand named dolls but you can find patterns for the "brand" doll or sometimes a generic sized doll close to the "brand" doll. In the case of the Glitter Girl the brand that most often pops up for patterns that will fit is the Wellie Wisher doll. I've also seen patterns listed for the Hearts for Hearts dolls but while I've seen pictures of the Wellie Wishers dolls I've never looked up the Hearts for Hearts dolls.

The pattern for this dress comes from Littly Bitty Botique the same designer as the Kennedy dress I made previously for the Glitter Girl. You can purchase the pattern here. The shoes are from an Adoring Doll pattern set you can purchase here. If you have read this blog at all you know that once I find a shoe pattern that fits it tends to show up frequently when patterns don't come with shoes for the outfit.


The pattern calls for Caron Simply Soft yarn. I tend to avoid Caron Simply Soft unless I'm making a shawl. I find it tends to split which is less than joyful while crocheting, however for doll clothing it has an additional challenge that it gets caught on hands, feet, etc. causing further splitting. When possible I try a substitute yarn first. I also find it more pricey than other options.

For this outfit I used Herrschners Baby Yarn Soft Lilac and Bernat Big Ball Baby Sport Yarn White with an F hook for the dress and a H for the bow.

I love the texture this pattern creates for the skirt. There is a alternate pattern suggestion without stripes that I hope to make to add to the donation included with this pattern.

Row 9 overlaps the stitches to create a flap, but I found out previously making the Kennedy dress this makes the outfit too tight for the Glitter Girl doll. Perhaps with the heavier Caron it may not but I had no issue leaving out the flap.

As with the Kennedy dress it was short and I needed to add rows to get to the desired length. I added an additional section of white and lilac. This meant repeating rows 21-23 and 24 and 25.

I used Herrschners Worsted 4 the last time I made shoes for this doll. These were made with the Baby 3 weight so I wasn't sure if I'd need to adjust the hook size but the E hook still worked.


Joanne said...

She is very cute; I love the color of her dress and tiny shoes.

Stephanie said...

Very cute and those little shoes are darling. :)
I appreciate you sharing it with us at The Crazy Little Lovebirds link party #37.

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