Thursday, May 2, 2024

Barbie Strapless Dress

I'm working my way through the out of print House of White Birches Crochet Wardrobe for 11 1/2 inch Fashion dolls. The patterns are allowing me to use up yarn on hand while filling up my donation bags.

There are two strapless dress patterns in this leaflet for Barbie. This one is found on page 17 for my future reference as I suspect I'll be back to make this one again. I liked the approach to fitting the bodice on this gown even when I was unsure how the current Barbie compared to the vintage one the pattern was designed to fit. I was pleasantly pleased to find I could make it work.


This was made using the same Babe yarn I used for Skipper's winter outfit. I still haven't used it off. I think there is enough for one more fashion doll item.

I chose not to make this a full length dress. I don't currently have many casual items for Barbie and I thought it would be more practical for this to be a shorter dress. I mentioned the page number because there is a second outfit in the booklet with the same name that is shorter, looks similiar but the directions are different. I might try that later but if I decide to repeat it would be helpful to know which pattern I tried considering the picture won't help since I changed the pattern length.

The D hook worked for this outfit but I needed to finish the back in order for their not to be a gap when I used a snap to close it. This is a slightly heavier yarn than the Knit Picks Fingering Yarn I normally use for these outfits so when I make this again hook size may need to change. I did try making this with an old A.C. Moore sport weight yarn and it was too thick. I'm thinking it likely needs to be a DK weight or lighter.

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