Friday, May 31, 2024

Rag Doll Sleeping Bag

I started out with the intention of making this sleeping bag for one of the My Life Dolls but soon realized that the opening was slightly smaller than I'd intended and it was a better fit for the Rag Doll.

I normally use an I hook for the Rag Doll sleeping bag but since I already had started and almost finished this for the My Life doll I reduced the rows and finished it off for the Rag Doll with a K hook. I will need to measure it earlier on the My Life doll when I make the next larger one to make sure I have the right fit.

This is a free pattern found here.

Last time when I was figuring out what I had left to make for sleeping bags I left out the Glitter Girl. So as it stands I still need two My Life bags, one for the Glitter Girl, and one for Barbie for the 2024 donation.

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