Friday, May 17, 2024

Ken Shorts and Shirt

I made this back in 2022 when I was using the smaller Ken Dentist.

Lately I've fallen back to my newsprint and other older magazines for the Barbie dolls because many of them have quick to make outfits that are more designed for play than display. I admire the people who collect, dress, and display their dolls. The hand made outfits can be amazing to look at but for little hands and someone looking to fill a room full of donation bags those patterns just aren't as practical a choice.

This pattern comes from the out of print newsprint title House of White Birches Crochet Wardrobre for 11 1/2 inch Fashion Dolls Including a Complete Wedding Ensemble and Trousseau. I try to include titles even for out of print stuff because it's easier to find something if you have the information to look. I learned this recently when I came across a new line of newprint titles I'd never seen before.

I used a C hook for both the shirt and shorts despite the pattern calling for a D hook. I suspect doll size and yarn create different needs.

I used a no longer available Red Heart Baby sport yarn for the pants and Bernat Big Baby Sport White for the shirt.

I rather liked this version of Ken beecause he fits many of my old vintage patterns much better than the dentist. However, I misjudged purchasing extras and if my inventory is correct I only have him through 2025 before I will need to find a new Ken model.

While I've replaced Barbie with the camping Barbie nothing on the market for Ken right now appeals. I got stuck this time because by the time I ordered a couple and started making something for the model he was already disappearing from the market. This time I have to make testing a priority regardless of where I am in the current year's donation.

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