Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Lots to Love 8 Inch Baby Doll Sunday Go To Meeting Dress

When Amy Carrico was still on Etsy I purchased a bunch of her doll patterns and only recently finished downloading and printing them to use for the donation. While she is no longer on Etsy, I did find this pattern listed for sale on Ravelry so feel free to check it out here.


I used Aunt Lydia's Fashion 3 Crochet Thread in White and Black and Thread Art's Size 3 Crochet in Hot Pink for this project. Technically the shoes should have been made with the pink but I wasn't sure I had enough to do both shoes after making the head band so I decided on the traditional black Mary Jane shoes.

I made a note on the pattern and I have a note in my phone that the next time I make this pattern I should order two cones of the Thread Art in the main color for the dress as it is a bit of a fiber hog.

I went with the suggested b hook for this project.

The only major change I made was adding rows to the panties as they were too small for this doll. I went from row 10 to row 15 before doing row 11. This was a bit large and I ended up sc 2 dc around after row 11. So perhaps 14 rows would do the trick.

This is on my radar for next year as it is a very pretty dress. I'm not sure how well it adapts for the Lil Cutesies but I will see what I have time for once I work through all the Lil Cutesies patterns I have.

It was funnny when I saw the title of this project I wondered how many little girls still wear frilly dresses to Church and sure enough a little one behind me on Sunday came all decked out for Church and it made me smile to myself for doubting.

I'm still working on the sleeping bag project and I'm hoping to get started on the summer bathing suit project. Since Memorial Day has come and gone it seems like a nice themed based project to help me keep cool over the next few months.

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