Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Our Generation Boy Basketball Uniform

I've mentioned on several occasions I haven't found many crochet patterns written specifically for the boy doll. However, there are some patterns that are generic enough that they work for either the boy or girl doll. I already made the doctor scrubs and now I'm starting in on some of Adoring Doll's sports patterns. You can purchase the basketball uniform here.



This is made with Caron Pounder Kelly Green, Red Heart White and Black. I wanted the specific shade of green for future reference I tend to use what ever shades/brands of white or black I have on hand.

I used an I hook for the shirt and I'd stick with that for future projects as the fit was good for getting on and off the doll.

I made the button hole while trimming the neckline and finishing the back in white.


The shorts lists an f hook I needed an I.

I've never been good at adding ss along the edge of something so I ss to add the yarn to the side than did a row of ss not attached to the end of the shorts and ss to the end of the shorts. I left a long end and sewed the ss to the shorts. Not the most effective method but better than the mess I was making trying to ss directly to the shorts.


I used the suggested G hook and followed directions as written. I would likely use an H hook if making these for the My Life Doll.

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Jayne said...

I love the little details on this outfit, especially the shoes! How cute. :)

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