Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aztec Wishes Dolls Delivered

It seems like forever since I've posted, but I have several projects to get up once I download the pictures. My DH delivered the two baby dolls and the two 18" dolls to the Aztec Wishes toy drive today.

Thanks to my Mom's knitted items we had quite a full bag of 18" donations. I tried my hand at making a threaded outfit this year. That was the last project finished and I'll be posting that project soon. I'm almost finished with my first outfit for 2014, the Pilgrim outfit. She just needs the arms for her dress. Next I hope to make the Mrs Claus dress. I didn't get to do either of these last year. I feel like working in the holiday theme right now, so I'm going with it. I have a holiday dress pattern I haven't made in a while, so perhaps that will be on the list, too.

One of the baby dolls had a pretty full bag. The 15" one suffered when I hit doll burn out in the summer. I have one dress started that I hope to finish for next year's donation.

I am so grateful to my friends at Crochetville who always answer my wishlists for new doll patterns and accessories for the dolls

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