Monday, June 9, 2014

Wide Scarf Prayer Shawl

I have my second prayer shawl meeting tonight and I've finished 6 prayer shawls to bring. This is the fifth and I'll be posting pictures of the sixth one on Wednesday. I started a seventh one last night to work on during the meeting tonight. I am quite surprised. I had expected to finish one. Generally, I find it hard to focus on projects that repeat rows for a considerable amount of time. However, I seem to have picked a good time to start these projects. I don't seem to be able to focus on my doll projects at the moment and as long as I keep changing patterns each time, the repeated rows seem to be rather relaxing.

This pattern is the cover pattern from The Prayer Shawl Ministry: Reaching Those in Need (Leisure Arts #4225) called the Wide Scarf.

Several people suggested trying Walmart for the Homespun yarn, our local Walmart does carry it, and the price is the cheapest I've found, slightly under $5. The only place close in price I've seen so far is Knitting Warehouse and that requires shipping. It seems pretty popular and I couldn't get enough of all of the colors I wanted to finish a shawl, but I got enough to make my next few projects. It is easy enough to return to get my next supply as long as they keep carrying it.

If you arrived here looking for free Prayer Shawl Patterns please check out the following Blog Page:

Free Prayer Shawl Patterns

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