Monday, August 18, 2014

American Girl Pussycat, Pussycat Where Have You Been?

As I mentioned last week I picked up the new Crochet World Presents Best of Animals, Toys, & Dolls magazine. The first item I attempted was the pattern called "Pussycat, Pussycat Where Have You Been?" by Sandy Abbate.

The pattern calls for Patons Astra light, a 3-weight yarn. I used Red Heart sport and other than having to change hooks to make gauge, I had no issue with the change. It also helped me use up some yarn in my stash. I found the hat, the pants, and the shoes worked up really well and will be making them again. I liked the hat without the face so I left it that way. The details didn't look like they'd be that bad to add if you wanted the kitty face.

I did however, struggle with the sweater. After two attempts, I couldn't get the pattern to work for me and opted for the "Cable Loop" Sweater from the out of print Fibre Craft's Springfield Collection Sweater Trio. When I'm working on my donation projects, if something doesn't work, I tend to move on to something I can finish as having a completed wardrobe is my goal and November is creeping up on me. I would love to hear from others that finished the sweater.

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C. Mahan said...

Oh gosh, I just love this. I purchased an AG lookalike for kiddo a few weeks ago as her other one we refurbished was starting to have some problems. Dollar General had some for $15 that were actually really pretty and seam to be fair quality compared to some dolls we have purchased there. She just loves her and takes her everywhere. Her and the other share clothes but I have been collecting some simple sew patters to get back to sewing. I have my machine all set up now and have been working on some small projects. I even started some plastic canvas projects - mainly a kens bedroom for kiddo. Finally, my crafting is returning in baby steps.

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