Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Benefits of Other's House Cleaning

My Aunt and I have been working on 18" doll projects. She recently started cleaning out some craft bins looking for patterns she has not used since her granddaughter outgrew the dolls. Sunday I received a baggie full of 18" crochet patterns that she no longer can use.

In the late 1990's Fibre Craft published a series of 18" doll patterns for the Springfield doll. I had seen some of these patterns listed on various vintage sites, but never purchased them because many of the sites do not list the Springfield portion of the description, just Fibre Craft as the publisher. With the number of dolls they produce, I am never sure if these patterns are produced specifically for the 18" dolls. Now I know. They make the Springfield doll and in the late 1990's they actually printed a series of patterns for the dolls. I guess it worked out for the best. Had I know I would have purchased them and now I would have duplicates. My lack of knowledge resulted in a windfall of new free patterns to make clothes for family and donations.

The booklets I was given from the Springfield Collection are:

Sweet Dreams FCM486
Sunday Best FCM479
Sweater Trio FCM494
The Weekender FCM493
Crochet Matching Hats and Purses FCM492

Red Heart:
Dolly and Me Book 1436

Best Friends 530112

I love passing patterns on to my Mom and Aunt. This was an unexpected treat in return.


C.Mahan said...

That is awesome. When I was trying to find a 18" doll for lil m without going broke, I actually found a springfield doll and refurbished her.

Scotkat said...

How wonderful for you to inherit all these vintage patterns.

Looking forward to seeing some finished.

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