Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Victorian Girl Snowman Caroler

This is the first child in the snowman family. She also comes from The Annie Potter Presents The Snowbuddies from Snowville and I do not have a pattern number for it.

As time was running out for the swap, I was trying to decide how far I would get with this project. Did I just make Mom and Dad? Would I finish the whole family? After finishing the Mother, there seemed to be time to approach the daughter and I was glad I took on the challenge.

The directions for the little girl varied from the larger snowmen and as you will see later, the boy took an even large design variation on the theme.

While I have boxes of Christmas decorations, I am very tempted to make a set of these for myself. They are very hard to resist.

Free Holiday Patterns Available on the Following Blog Pages:

St. Patrick's Day




Halloween Page




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Z said...

Hey Bailey.

Thanks for the comment about the lining on my bag. I appreciate that. I'm following you, hope you don't mind.

You are really, really talented. I didn't read your posts, but I did scroll down your page and saw what you have made, and it's just so creative.

Have you ever thought about opening up an etsy shop?

Unknown said...

You should make the whole family of course! They will look so nice all in different coloured clothing!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I vote for making the whole family as well. ;-)

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