Monday, February 1, 2016

American Girl Prairie Girl

My friends and I were huge fans of the Little House books long before there was a TV series. My teachers used our interest to engage us in exploring western exploration. I saw this pattern and it reminded me of how much fun we had exploring that time period. It reminded me of the calico patterns our Mom's sewed up for us. You can't really get calico in crochet, but this was my attempt. I used the colors I had.

I put the pattern on my Christmas wish list and was quite happy to find it under the Christmas tree. You can purchase it here.

Just a few small criticism of this pattern. First there is no brand of yarn listed for this pattern while there is a specific color pattern that I'd like to use. I have a pretty good idea what the yarn is, however, I get frustrated when I see a pattern I like and I'm left guessing how to achieve the same color. Secondly there was no gauge or suggested hook size. As someone who is struggling with gauge right now I depend on knowing where people started to have some ability to guess how I'm going to adapt. I prefer it when people provide a gauge, but at a minimum, when I pay for a pattern I expect at least a hook suggestion. That's just a basic level of professionalism when you are charging people for your work.

On the plus size there was a mistake on the pattern and I emailed the designer because while I thought I could figure it out the directions were not clear. I got a response back clarifying the directions and I appreciated the response. I will add her comments to the printed pattern to have for the next time I work through it. I will look to see if she makes other doll patterns. I liked this pattern and I would consider others if she publishes them.

I did change one major portion of the pattern. I avoid sewing when ever possible. So, instead of making the skirt as suggested and sewing on, I crocheted the first row of the skirt to the bodice and continued the pattern from there. I didn't have a problem with the outcome.

Just a note to myself, I used an H hook for the skirt waist moving to an I for the skirt and an I for the bodice. It made for a fuller skirt and it made the bodice wide enough to fit the body of the doll.

I used up the Red Heart Super Saver left over from the second blanket I made. I believe I have one skein of the Super Saver that the original pattern was made from in the pattern picture. With the potential for snow a week ago when I started this outfit it seemed best to start with what I had. I'm thinking about trying to find a second skein to make the outfit for the other donation doll.

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