Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Baby Doll Wipes

I keep finding little projects to work on during my time helping family during my Skype homeschooling sessions. These were a perfect project and now I have my first items ready for both 16 inch baby doll diaper bags. You can find the purchase the pattern for the complete baby doll diaper bag here.

Last year I was fortunate and a friend from Crochetville sewed the diaper bags and I just needed to fill them with accessories. That worked out wonderfully as making the bags isn't my favorite task. As I prepost this I'm working on the changing pad. It is normally a rather dull task as it is straight sc, but it is a perfect task during my skype homeschooling time because it requires little concentration. I just need to make sure I click my row counters to track how far I've come. Even that isn't essential as what is most important is that it is long enough for the doll to be placed on for the diaper change. I still need to make the baby bottles and the diapers. The bottles aren't good projects for my homeschool time but the diapers might not be a bad project to add to my list of items to complete during that time.

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