Thursday, September 26, 2019

Baby Doll Project

While I always donate 2 baby dolls each year at Christmas this year I had an additional baby doll project. A family member is having a second child and I thought it would be fun for the big sister to have a new baby to play with as well, so I'm making some of the same items I normally make to donate to send off with the baby blanket.

While it's always fun to work on the donations, it is kind of unique to work on a project when you know where the gift will end up. Today we begin with the doll diapers. Every time I write about this free pattern I always wonder if it will be available the next time I post about it as I have to use the Wayback machine to get the link here. I like this pattern because it's been pretty flexible as I've adjusted it from the 12" dolls to the 16" dolls and it continues to work for me. I use snaps rather than buttons as I've found them easier for kids to use.

As you can see in the picture the doll is wearing one and I always make one "extra" so the child can change the doll.

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