Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Purple Bottle Carrier

I mentioned last week that I'd gone back to All About Cotton Leisure Arts (7055) for a solution to carrying water bottles around in places that don't allow backpacks. I'd always used the bottle holders on my backpack on previous trips but with more bag restricitions I realized after my first trip out this summer I needed a solution to carrying my water in order to stay hydrated.

After making the first one for my husband I realized I wanted a longer strap so I could wear mine in a cross body style rater than off my shoulder. I figured it would be less likely to slip when I walked and would fit better with the purse that most places still allow me to carry in to their venues.

For my own notes the original handle calls for 100 chains. In order to get the length I wanted I went to 160 chains. There is a chance with the weight that overtime it will stretch. However, I'm not overally concerned. It is a simple project to make again if I can't fix it.

I wanted purple for my bottle carrier so I went searching through my stash. Sadly I didn't have a large Bernat Handicrafter but I did have a single skein of Lily Sugar'n Cream Ombres Purple Haze and had I not extended the handle it might have been enough to finish the project.

If you are planning to make one of these using the pattern the suggested yarn requirements proved to be right. My skein was small for this project but I finished the handle with Lily Sugar 'N Cream Violet also pulled from my stash.

Looking forward to getting out to test these soon.


Kim Carberry said...

What a fantastic idea. My girls always complain about carrying their water bottles, one of these would be fantastic for them. x

Cool Esse said...

Love it! 💜

Donna @ Modern on Monticello said...

Great project and everyone can pick their favorite color of yarn. Thanks for sharing the idea. #HomeMattersParty

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