Monday, July 11, 2022

Glitter Girl Spring Petal Dress

I've been keeping my eye out for more Wellie Wishers patterns as they seem the closest to fitting the Glitter Girl dolls. The Spring Petals Pattern can be purchased here.

This pattern calls for Knit Picks Fingering Yarn. I had some yellow Pallette on hand and it did make guage but it was tight under the arms and if I'd liked the color I might have played more with hook size to make it work but I really didn't like the color for the outfit. I've been complaining for years that I needed to finish off my Palette, as I'd stopped using it when I stopped making Barbie clothes for my nieces, I've since solved that problem. I recently reordered Pallette during one of their sales but I didn't want to wait to try this dress.

I went with Baby Bernat Sport Blue and it wasn't a bad choice. I liked the color. I can see where fingering would make for a lighter dress. When my shipment comes in from Knit Picks I'll likely make a second dress to send along for the donation and play with the gauge to see what works.

As for this dress I started with an e hook to get the arms to fit more comfortably. I like the outfits to be easy for little hands to take on and off. I found I needed to move to a D hook for the skirt as it quickly poofed out. This is where the fingering yarn likely would be a better option if I can play with the guage on the top to get it to fit better.

The patterns and textures on this dress are beautifully designed. I will be looking to find other patterns to try from this designer as I was pleased with my first pattern I purchased.

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Simple Life Mom said...

Thank you for sharing with us on the Homestead Blog Hop. You have such beautiful ideas. I wish I could knit or crochet better. I need to take time to do so. it's a great skill to have.

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