Friday, January 15, 2010

Barbie Magazine Patterns

I have been stumbling across Barbie patterns both in new and old copies of magazines. I decided for myself and others who are interested to start listing where I find them and what types of patterns are available.

I have discovered our local library carries older copies of magazines and I'm finding through interlibrary loan I can go back a few years on some titles to find different types of patterns. I'm finding white elephant sales and yard sales also seem to good resources for finding craft magazines. Family and friends are often willing to let you borrow a pattern as well if you know the month and year.

I will keep updating this blog entry as I discover more resources. Please feel free to comment with any others I should add that are available for people to access.


Barbie Ski Bunny Remake
Crochet Today Jan/Feb 2010

Barbie Beach Wear
Barbie and Ken
Crochet World June 2009

GI Camo Outfit and Tent
Crochet World August 2009

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