Friday, February 4, 2011

Think Spring

With rumors of another impending winter storm, this seems like strange advice. However when you are crocheting presents you have to think ahead. It is not easy to do things the day they are needed. I at least need some lead time. As I am finishing the last two Valentine's doll dresses for a child that will be visiting us on Valentine's weekend, I now am thinking about spring projects. My winter duties are done.

First, there is St. Patrick's Day. I am thinking about making another Hello Kitty and the bear outfits are just too hard to resist. Those will have to be squeezed in before I mail off the package. I am thinking of converting a Skipper dress for Barbie in Irish colors. Kelly will need a matching outfit. I doubt there will be time for poor Ken. Even Easter is not looking good for Ken. I am thinking with time over the summer he will get a Halloween costume this year.

Next, I have Easter baskets to fill and two spring birthdays. The first falls in April then one in May. Therefore, my hooks have moved beyond the snow. They are focused on warmer thoughts, despite how Mother Nature would continue to remind me she is not done with winter just yet.

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C.Mahan said...

I had to clear a path for my dogs, it was the only way I was going to get them outside for a potty break! Love the pic. I hear we have another storm heading this way this weekend. That does not excite me. LOL

Sheltie Times said...

The dogs have finally ventured up out of their "fox hole" on to the banks to play. However, with the new snow coming, it will be time to dig a new path.

Anonymous said...

That is a seriously awesome photo. LOL

Deni said...

Hello! First time visit! Hope you will stop on by mine and say hello!

Nicole said...

We took our mini beagles out today. One is a bit chunky, so she had a really hard time. Poor thing.

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