Tuesday, February 22, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Crochet Dishcloth

I hope everyone had a nice President's Day. Yesterday was a beautiful day off to spend with my husband. One of the wonderful things about working from home is deciding that I can take a day off. I had a long weekend and did not post ahead.

Last week I wrote about being glad Easter came late and this was one of the reasons. I visited my St. Patrick's Day page and downloaded some additional free patterns to make. This dishcloth was made from a free Granny Square pattern. Most of the times, I find a wonderful pattern like this I put the link on the appropriate blog page and print a copy for myself. However, the last year or so I have had problems periodically with my printer. Therefore, I add the link with the promise that I will go back to the page and download when the printer is back up again. I looked through my stored patterns and knew I had located more St. Patrick's Day patterns then were in my book. After realizing I had more time to play I went back to the page and found some wonderful goodies.

This pattern was the first I finished. I was thrilled I managed to complete the shamrock. The granny square has become a standard in my crocheting, but the shamrock was a challenge. For those who may want to make the pattern, the square ends with a traditional single crochet edge. I continued with a sc, chain 3, sc around ending with a slip stitch to complete. When I finished the dishcloth with just the single crochet it looked liked it needed something more.

Along with this pattern, I am almost finished with the free Hello Kitty pattern. I plan to start the free Barbie pattern I have listed on the St. Patrick's Day page.

Free Holiday Patterns Available on the Following Blog Pages:

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C.Mahan said...

thats total cuteness!!!!

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