Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Post Easter Shopping

I try to get out after each holiday and stock up during the after holiday sales for next year. I thought I had missed my opportunity this year. We had a busy Easter and then I never got to the stores for the clearance sales.

Yesterday I was out getting cards for Mother's Day and May birthdays I was reminded this Paper Store has a clearance section that continues year round. When they mark items down in the store, they move them to a special room. I did not expect to find much, but to my delight I found an Hello Kitty dressed as a bunny, an Easter version of the Barrel of Monkeys game that substitutes bunnies and an egg for the monkeys and the barrel, and a couple of cute cars. I even found a card game I had not encountered before to put away for Christmas. My 2012 Easter stash has begun. I much prefer the prices after Easter than before.


Mandy said...

Great job! All I got was candy that my family is eating already lol

Terese said...

That's always a great idea to shop after one holiday for the following year. This post reminds me though a few days ago I was in Target with the kids and my youngest was shocked that people were just now buying their Easter eggs (didn't they know Easter over?)

Bailey Be Good! said...

My mommy found a TY Hello Kitty with bunny ears! She said she loves shopping for holiday stuff, after the holidays. ;)

Woofs & hugs,


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