Friday, November 16, 2012

Yarn Find

I love this time of year when Senior Centers and Churches have sales and I find wonderful selections of second hand yarn and old patterns for wonderful prices.

Last Saturday I returned to my home town for their annual Senior Center sale and came home with two bags full of yarn, all full skeins for $.50/skein. Some were even Caron One Pounders. I also picked up some leaflets for $.25/each. I was thrilled as I have lots of toy making materials in some of my most high traffic colors. They were thrilled that it went. The woman who came behind me, not so happy as she had eyes on my yarn.

What I did find funny is I had a stack of crochet patterns and the woman who was selling me the yarn and the patterns couldn't understand that I didn't knit. Some how she had it in her mind that only a knitter would have a need for yarn, even though all the leaflets they were selling were either for crochet or plastic canvas. Coming from a family that knits, crochets, and does plastic canvas, I never assume what people will do with the yarn. I have never understood why people seem to know what others are doing.

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