Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Doll Diaper Bags

This is the first year I have included baby dolls as part of my donation project. So, it meant getting new patterns and ideas for what to make. One possibility I found as I was exploring was a pattern for a doll's diaper bag. I received Crochet 'N Play Designs Diaper Bag Crochet pattern as a gift.

The pattern includes a diaper bag with pocket(s), a changing pad, wipes, and a bottle. I made mine a little larger, so I could include other items as I made them. I made the purple one with acrylic yarn. I decided to experiment with the second one and used up some cotton yarn I had in my stash. Both worked out well. My favorite accessory was the wipes. I am not sure why, but it just struck me as a really cute idea and they worked up really easily.

I have a couple of other finished projects to post this week, but I am currently working on another 15" doll dress. This one is a little more complicated. It uses Caron Spa yarn, which is new to me. I love how soft it feels, but it constantly slides off the hook. I have a couple of personal projects I hope to get finished along with the charity projects, too.

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C.Mahan said...

Those are so cute. I failed at my crochet project. I have yet to really sit down and reteach myself to crochet.

Unknown said...

where can i found the pattern

Sheltie Times said...

To the best of my knowledge the designer is no longer selling this pattern.

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