Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Brianna

This was a wonderful and busy summer. I finished some crochet projects, but spent lots of time with family, too. What I didn't do, was blog.

As fall approaches, my annual Christmas donation deadline looms. I looked in the bags I have my finished projects stored in and was relieved to discover I had forgotten how much I finished last winter and spring. I still have a long way to go if I want to get everything I planned ready for that early December deadline.

One of the things I did this year when Mary Maxim had their 40% off coupons was stock up on some of their doll projects. At full price, I have trouble justifying the cost of the kit and shipping. However, when I can get a discount, there many levels of savings. I have trouble getting the sports weight and lighter yarns locally, so even if I'd bought the pattern digitally and avoided paying shipping, I'd still likely have had to had the correct weight of yarn shipped in order to finish the project.

I posted about one of the 18" doll kits I finished a while back. This is the first of the 15" baby doll kits I have been working on. I played a little with the gauge on this, but I suggest you make a swatch before starting. The second kit I just started seems to match the gauge without any adjustments, but it is also a different brand of yarn. I often find myself adjusting hooks depending on the pattern, so I don't suggest my experience is typical.

I did opt out of making the flowers do to time constraints. I also chose to make this a summer dress as I am making several other outfits with longer sleeves. One other note, which those that read things closely will catch, the blanket makes a 12" blanket, which is not large enough to cover the doll. I made one and when I realized the size issue, used it for my other smaller donation baby doll. I extended the pattern to make it large enough to cover the doll. As I said those who read closely will catch this, but I missed it.

You can find the kit at Mary Maxim here. If you'd prefer to buy just the pattern you can find that at Maggie's Crochet here.

I was gifted a doll diaper bag kit from a wishlist on Crochetville, so I will hopefully get pictures of those projects posted soon. I made one for the 15" baby doll and one for the 12" Baby Jenna doll.

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