Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Itty Bitty Pilgrim Girl

I have been fascinated with the 5" Lots to Love dolls for a while. However, until I learned to work with thread, there was not much hope that I could do much with them. Once I found thread hooks I could use, I knew which projects I wanted to tackle first, The Holiday Itty Bitties by Sheila Leslie. While I have lots of commitments for gifts and charity, I couldn't resist stopping to make a set for my own Thanksgiving decorations. I was sorry to see this was book is out of print. I am sure those who are interested can still find it in the second hand market.

I got the majority of the outfit finished a while back and then just had the snap and the threads to weave in. I was in a finishing mode last weekend and got this one done.

What I found interesting as I moved the dress from my model doll to the display doll is that these dolls aren't just different in features, the body types seem to be just a little different, too. The bloomers and the dress fit just a little differently on the finished doll than they did on the model doll. While no two dolls are ever exactly the same, these two dolls had real differences in shape that I had not expected.

I am looking forward to tackling the Pilgrim boy soon. I hope to have both ready for my Thanksgiving decorations.

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