Friday, April 29, 2016

Baby Doll Basket for 12 Inch Baby Doll

One of the first set of projects I finished when I hit my 18 Inch doll block were the baskets. They can be tough on the hands as they are worked with the heavier Homespun yarn which while perfect for these baskets is a bit more challenging at times to use than traditional worsted yarn.

I use the pattern from Dressing Up Dolly, Leisure Arts 2725 and instead of using 2 pieces of yarn for the thickness, I use one and it works fine for the smaller doll. I found a pattern in my stash for another doll basket/carrier that was for a Cabbage Patch doll. I'm not sure where it is from, I'll have to research. I may try that one for next year as it goes a bit higher and would give more support to the doll. We'll have to see if it goes together as easily as this one.

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