Wednesday, June 20, 2018

American Girl Swim Suit

Every year I promise myself next year for the donation I'll make this with worsted weight instead of cotton. I almost had to write this again this year. I started it in cotton, but I was finding the leg openings weren't a good fit and decided to frog it and start again with worsted weight yarn. I love this color blue for the suit.

I've been making this pattern for the donation for several years now. I pulled it out as part of my efforts to work on patterns I knew I could complete to build up my confidence and to get some outfits put away for the donation. You can purchase the pattern here.

There are many free and paid bathing suit patterns on the market for the 18" dolls. I return to this pattern for a couple of reasons. First the bathing suit works up quickly and easily. While I do have to watch my gauge to make sure the outfit isn't too tight, the pattern isn't difficult to follow.

The other reason I return to this pattern frequently is the accessories. While I don't love making the ducky floaty and I comment on it every time I write about it, I always find it cute when it's finished. With the blanket, beach pail, and beach ball it makes a complete set for a child receiving the donation. For my own sake, I try to make the bathing suit during the summer months as it brings back happy summer memories of times spent at the beach as a child. It never quite feels like summer until I've been to the beach.


Julie said...

Cute swim suit outfit for dolls. The duck innertube is adorable.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

An adorable vignette of swimsuit and innertube

French Ethereal said...

What an adorable outfit for a young girl's doll!!! When my daughter was young, I made a few outfits for her 18" and 22" dolls. I wish the I had understood the internet better then as I may have found an outfit like this then. She would have loved dressing her doll in it! Pinning to my Pour Bébé board for you and our readers.

Thank you!
Barb :)

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