Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Holiday Itty Bitties

My Mom sent me holiday Itty Bitties for my birthday. I love the putting out the little costumed dolls for the holidays. I found myself two dolls short, so I'll need to buy two more dolls to fill out the Christmas costumes she made, but just putting these together when I opened the box put a smile on my face. I have the July 4th ones out now that she made me a while back and I look forward to more of these dolls to display through the seasons.

I love the cape on the one on the end. It has a very old world look to it. For those of you who are interested these are kit kits available from Mary Maxim, which is why I end up having Mom make them as I am no knitter. I was pleased to see they did issue a Crochet Christmas kit recently though so it isn't impossible for me to take on the task.

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